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Managing staff during Euros 2024 – email template to send out to all

Posted by HR & Employment Team

Euros 2024: A Guide for UK Employers

The UEFA European Football Championship is in full swing. While it has the potential to disrupt regular work routines, UK employers can leverage this major sporting event to enhance employee morale and create a more positive work environment. Here’s a breakdown of key strategies to consider:

Uplift Staff Engagement

  • Screen key matches: Broadcast important matches in the workplace (via radio if TV would be too distracting) or organise virtual watch-alongs for hybrid and remote teams.
  • Embrace team spirit: Allow temporary decorations like flags of participating nations and consider relaxing dress codes to allow for football shirts for certain days i.e. match days.
  • Participation is optional: Ensure all Euro-related activities in the workplace are voluntary to avoid excluding employees who are not interested.

Enhance Flexibility During the Tournament

  • Early finishes/time off: Consider offering flexi-time for early evening matches if possible.
  • Flexible holiday requests: Consider approving short-notice holiday requests where feasible to accommodate employees who want to watch specific games.

Maintain Productivity

  • Pre-emptive reminders: Remind staff about work expectations during the tournament and discourage watching matches on company time if not appropriate in your workplace.
  • Manage unauthorised absences: Implement clear policies to address unscheduled absences and ensure adherence to them during the tournament.

Prioritise a Positive Workplace

  • Equal opportunities: Extend flexible work arrangements to fans of all participating nations, not just home teams.
  • Zero tolerance for discrimination: Make it clear that harassment linked to the Euros will not be tolerated, an example excerpt for an email out to all: The company will uphold a strict policy of zero tolerance for any form of harassment or discrimination related to the Euros, including hostile or racist remarks.

Responsible Conduct Outside the Office

  • Remind of off-duty responsibilities: Encourage responsible behavior when attending matches at pubs or fan parks, especially regarding alcohol consumption.
  • Potential disciplinary action: Inform employees that serious misconduct outside work, which could damage the company’s reputation, can lead to disciplinary action.

Takeaway points for Employers

By implementing these proactive measures, UK employers can navigate the excitement of Euros 2024 smoothly. They can not only minimize disruption but also use the opportunity to boost employee morale, foster team spirit, and create a more positive work environment. This can lead to increased productivity and employee engagement in the long run.

Use our example email template below to remind staff of expected behaviour and procedure around the tournament…

Dear Team,

The UEFA European Football Championship (Euro 2024) kicks off this summer, and we understand many of you are excited to follow the competition. While this can bring excitement to the workplace, it’s important to maintain our usual level of productivity and professionalism.

Here’s a reminder on key points to ensure a smooth and enjoyable tournament period:

Work Expectations:

  • We encourage you to pre-arrange work schedules and deadlines to accommodate any potential disruptions caused by match timings.
  • Watching matches on company time is not permitted (amend if it is with appropriate details). Please manage your personal viewing outside of working hours.
  • Unscheduled absences: We encourage open communication and responsible management of time off during the tournament. Holiday requests will be considered on a first come, first serve basis as per usual.

Workplace Culture and Inclusion:

  • We support showcasing your team spirit with temporary decorations like flags for participating nations. However, please ensure this creates a welcoming environment for all colleagues.
  • Our commitment to a respectful and inclusive workplace remains paramount. Any form of harassment or discrimination linked to the Euros will not be tolerated.

Outside the Office:

  • We encourage responsible behaviour when attending matches at pubs or fan parks, particularly regarding alcohol consumption.
  • Remember, serious misconduct outside work can have consequences within the company.

Additional Resources:

We are committed to fostering a positive and productive work environment during Euro 2024. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your line manager with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your cooperation.


[Your Name/Company Management]

As the excitement of Euro 2024 unfolds, employers seeking to navigate staff enthusiasm while maintaining productivity can leverage the strategies outlined above. Remember, a happy and engaged workforce is a productive one.

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